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Yaguar Cherry Lady

Yaguar Cherry Lady

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    Taste Yaguar Cherry Lady - an extraordinary fusion of slightly bitter ilex paraguariensis and cherries. This infusion is characterized by a dry taste, enriched with cherry fruit, hibiscus flowers and a touch of warming ginger for the perfect finishing touch.

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    The jaguar has always been considered a symbol of power among the indigenous tribes of South America...

    ...just like energizing yerba mate tea infusions!

    The Yaguar brand was created to celebrate the dignified predator and the rich biodiversity of its native continent.

    Yaguar is made from specially selected wild holly leaves that grow in the tropical forests of the Parana Basin in South America. Thanks to traditional drying techniques and an eighteen-month maturation, our yerba mate tea is distinguished by a classic harmonious taste and a high content of natural caffeine.

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