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Rosamonte Despalada 0.5 kg

Rosamonte Despalada 0.5 kg

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    Step into the world of bold flavours and powerful energy with Rosamonte Despalada 500g. This Argentine yerba mate is a treat for experienced mate drinkers and Yerboholicks alike. Rosamonte Despalada consists of more than 90% leaves and a small amount of dust. It is Rosamonte's most robust offering.

    It is your go-to choice when looking for an energy boost. What is most impressive about Rosamonte Despalada is its balanced flavour. It strikes a perfect harmony between pleasant bitterness and sweetness. Rosamonte Despalada surprises with its unique aroma. Unlike other Argentine yerba mates, it offers a less smoky aroma. Instead, you encounter olive oil-like savoury notes, along with earthy and plummy undertones. It is a sensory adventure with every sip.

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