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Just Maté

Just Mate Standard set Duo

Just Mate Standard set Duo

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    Discover the rich taste and tradition of South America with our Just Mate Standard kit Duo! This kit is perfect for discovering the magic of yerba mate together and contains exactly what you need to enjoy yerba mate.

    What's in the kit?

    • Our kit comes with two stylish stainless steel gourds, available in four beautiful colors - Black, White, Blue and Red. This gourd is perfectly shaped to retain heat and enhance the flavor of yerba mate.
    • Furthermore, the kit contains two authentic bombillas. This steel straw with built-in filter lets you effortlessly enjoy your mate without leaves getting into your mouth. The bombilla is easy to clean with the brush that is included.
    • Of course, the yerba mate itself cannot be missed. You get 3 packs of 500 grams, together good for about 30 mates. You can choose the flavors yourself:
      • ARGENTININE FAVORITES: Get the real yerba mate experience at home by choosing the 'Argentine favorites' option. With the flavors Taragui Tradicional, Rosamonte Tradicional and CBSé Energia, this option offers you a very diverse selection of yerbas, all three of which are very popular in Argentina, the country when it comes to Yerba mate.
      • UNION is specially designed for those who prefer a milder taste experience. Hierbas Serranas variant of UNION is enriched with natural herbs, including mint, chamomile and peppermint. Hierbas del Litoral variant contains hints of mint, mandarin, lemon verbena and much more.
      • TARAGUI is known for its intense and full flavor. The Naranja variant combines the rich taste of yerba mate with the refreshing and fruity notes of orange. TARAGUI Cítricos lets you enjoy the spicy notes of lemon, orange and grapefruit.
      • Create your own: If you cannot choose from the above combinations, it is also possible to choose three flavors yourself. This can be any 500 gram variant from our shop. Please indicate your preferences in 'Special Order Instructions' if you choose this option.
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