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Just Maté

Just Mate Premium Starter Pack

Just Mate Premium Starter Pack

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    Get everything you need to start drinking yerba mate in one package!

    What's included in the Just Maté Starter Pack?

    • Thermos bottle (750 ml): The Just Maté Thermos will keep your water hot for up to 8 hours! This stylish bottle is made of stainless steel, and has an anti-leak cap.
    • Gourd (250 ml): The Just Maté Gourd has the perfect shape for preparing mate, and it ensures that the water stays hot. This modern gourd is made of stainless steel, making it easy to keep clean. We do not recommend putting the thermos and the Gourd in the dishwasher.
    • Bombilla + cleaning brush: Thanks to the Bombilla, you can enjoy mate without getting leaves in your mouth. The bombilla is very easy to clean with the included brush. 
    • 2x 500 grams of yerba mate: The yerba mate is of course not to be missed! You can choose from 5 flavor options:  
      • Fresh & Fruity: With natural additions like orange and mango, this flavor option offers a delicious fresh undertone that nicely balances the naturally bitter taste of yerba mate. This option is excellent for novice yerba mate drinkers!
      • Organic: The most natural flavor option! This blend contains 2 organic yerba mate's that are grown without pesticides, and air-dried, rather than smoked. This gives them a more natural flavor, and it is often said that unsmoked yerba mate is even better for your health!
        Extra Energizing: Yerba mate is already known for its stimulating power, but these yerba's take it up a notch! Through a special preparation technique, and the addition of the stimulating compound Guarana, these flavors give you extra energy for all your activities.
      • Traditional: This flavor option offers two classics that have been very popular in Argentina for decades; Rosamonte Tradicional and Taragui Tradicional. They are characterized by a bitter, smoky flavor that not everyone will like. If you are trying yerba mate for the 1st time, we do NOT recommend this flavor.
      • Suave: Want an authentic yerba mate experience, but not yet used to the bitter taste of some yerba mate's? Then this flavor option is for you! The 2 flavors we have selected are very accessible, yet distinctive of yerba mate. 
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    Lucia Del Castillo

    heel mooi pakket. Alles van goede kwaliteit. thee is lekker