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Just Maté

Just Maté Standard set

Just Maté Standard set

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    Discover the rich flavor and tradition of South America with our Just Mate Standard kit! This kit is perfect for getting started and contains exactly what you need to enjoy yerba mate.

    What's included in the kit?

    • Our kit comes with a stylish stainless steel gourd, available in four beautiful colors - Black, White, Blue and Red. This gourd is perfectly shaped to retain heat and enhance the taste of yerba mate.
    • Furthermore, the kit includes an authentic bombilla. This steel straw with built-in filter lets you effortlessly enjoy your mate without any leaves getting into your mouth. The bombilla is easy to clean with the brush provided.
    • Of course, the yerba mate itself cannot be missing. You get 2 packs of 500 grams, together good for about 20 gourds. You can choose from 5 carefully selected flavor options:
      • Fresh & Fruity: With natural additions like orange and mango, this flavor option offers a delicious fresh undertone that nicely balances the naturally bitter taste of yerba mate. This option is excellent for novice yerba mate drinkers!
      • Organic: The most natural flavor option! That compound contains 2 organic yerba mate's that are grown without pesticides, and air-dried, rather than smoked. This gives them a more natural flavor, and it is often said that unsmoked yerba mate is even better for your health!
      • Extra Energetic: Yerba mate is already known for its stimulating power, but these yerba flavors add to that! Through a special preparation technique, and the addition of the stimulating ingredient Guarana, these flavors give you extra energy for all your activities.
      • Tradicional: This flavor option offers two classics that have been very popular in Argentina for decades; Amanda Tradicional and Canarias. They are characterized by a bitter, smoky taste that not everyone will like. If you are trying yerba mate for the 1st time, we do NOT recommend this flavor.
      • Suave: Want an authentic yerba mate experience, but not yet used to the bitter taste of some yerba mate's? Then this flavor option is for you! The 2 flavors we have selected are very accessible, yet distinctive of yerba mate.


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      Customer Reviews

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      Damian Nowakowski

      Just Maté Standaard Starterspakket

      Tess Klarenbeek
      Great value,

      Na alle aanbevelingen van Andrew Huberman was ik al een tijdje nieuwsgierig hoe yerba maté nou smaakt. Paar websites nagekeken en deze heeft mooie spullen. Ik had had ook even gekeken naar die authentieke kalebassen, maar die schijnen snel te gaan schimmelen. RVS is dus voor mij the way to go. Leuk starterspakketje, ook niet te duur. Twee soorten thee, alles is precies zoals de beschrijving. Alles was prima verpakt en snel bezorgd. Zeker aan te raden!