Zo wordt Yerba Mate gemaakt!

This is how Yerba Mate is made!

The Craft of Yerba Mate: From Picking to Enjoying

Yerba mate, a South American infusion with a rich history, is loved not only for its invigorating properties, but also for the careful production process it goes through. Let's take a look into the fascinating world of yerba mate and discover how this delicious drink is made, with a special focus on two methods of leaf drying.

Harvesting the Leaves

The process begins with carefully picking the young leaves of the yerba mate plant, a type of holly-like shrub. The pickers, often experienced farmers, select the best leaves by hand. It is essential to harvest only the young leaves as they have the most desirable taste and aroma. This artisanal aspect of picking contributes to the authenticity of yerba mate and ensures that only the highest quality leaves are used.

Drying the Leaves

Drying the yerba mate leaves is a crucial stage in the production process, and there are several methods to achieve this. Two common techniques are:

Air dry

This traditional method involves spreading the leaves in the open air to dry. This process can take several days or even weeks, depending on weather conditions. Air drying preserves the natural flavor and aroma of the yerba mate, making it a favorite choice for lovers of authentic, unprocessed flavors.

Smoke drying

In this method, the leaves are dried over open fires or smoking chambers. The smoke aroma subtly infiltrates the leaves and gives the yerba mate a characteristic, smoky taste. This technique is often used in certain regional varieties of yerba mate and adds a unique element to the overall drinking experience.

Through careful picking and drying, yerba mate is transformed from fresh leaves to the dried blend we know and love. Whether you prefer the pure flavor of air-dried yerba mate or the subtle smokiness of the smoke-dried variety, one thing is certain: the process of yerba mate production is an art in itself, and every cup tells the story of the rich tradition and craft dedication that goes into it. So, the next time you enjoy a cup of yerba mate, remember the journey of these special leaves from field to mug.

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