Hoe drink je yerba mate? - De traditionele manier

How do you drink yerba mate? - The traditional way

Yerba mate is an intriguing drink that originated in South America and is known for its rich flavor and stimulating effects. Although traditional drinking of yerba mate is an age-old practice, there are also modern twists on this beloved drink. Let's look at the traditional way to prepare and enjoy yerba mate, as well as some other methods.

Traditionally Enjoying Yerba Mate

In countries like Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, drinking yerba mate is more than just a habit; it is a social event and a sign of hospitality. Here's how to drink yerba mate traditionally:

  1. Fill the gourd just over halfway with yerba. Cover the top of the gourd with your hand, and shake it up and down to ensure that the powdery particles are not all on the bottom. Now hold the yerba at an angle and place it at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. For example, you can use your bombilla to support the gourd.

  2. Pour a little lukewarm water as close as possible to the wall of the gourd on the side where the yerba is not. You now get one half with dry leaves, and one half with water. Wait 1-2 minutes for the water to be absorbed by the yerba leaves.

  3. Once the water has been completely absorbed, you can 'tamp' the leaves with your bombilla so that the yerba is completely on one side of the gourd. Now put the bombilla in the side where there are no leaves, and slide the filter, with the flat side up, under the leaves. Push the leaves up a little with the bombilla, so that a kind of hole is created for the bombilla.

  4. Now pour warm water (no warmer than 80 degrees) on the side where the bombilla is, and you are ready to enjoy! Do not let the yerba steep for too long, as this will make it very bitter. Drank? You can simply refill the mate again. You can often refill up to 8 times until the taste starts to diminish.
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